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Your principal reasons for starting a business are growth and profitability. Fast growth, unless managed carefully can lead to failure as much as lack of growth. It is statistically proven that this is one of the top 10 reasons for failure of SMEs.


So long as growth is managed carefully, you will be able to increase profits and revenue and create a robust and scalable infrastructure with a reliable workforce that can grow with you.


Working with Signa can help ensure you grow in a managed and profitable way and avoid the issues that can arise.  Our advisors will help with the following:


  • We will work in conjunction with your management team to help implement the changes required to ensure profitable growth

  • Signa will provide your directors with an external independent review of current business to identify issues with practical solutions to resolve them

  • Communications within the workforce will be broadened to ensure everyone is aware of any changes and why they are taking place

  • Signa will assist the finance department to ensure timely delivery of management accounts and an even cash-flow

  • Put in place any new procedures to ease bottlenecks or delays


Engaging Support


Signa understands that although an exciting time for a company, rapid growth can be highly stressful.  We lend our knowledge and experience to assist your organisation.


Some of the things we will do for your organisation to meet the targets and objectives you require are:


Ensure that you have the correct resources  

Resolve any areas where resources are under pressure

Review processes to make sure they are sufficient

Work with management on effective communication

Identify and resolve staff training issues

Identify and propose management team training

Identify and manage cash flow issues

Offer a 6-12 month independent progress review against your targets and/or your contractual commitment

Guidance on new systems such as CRM, MRP etc

Review trends in performance against metrics and address adverse trends

Identify sources of additional potential funding for contingencies

Determine with management that potential risks are understood


Signa is an impartial adviser – don’t be afraid to ask us for help.  Our strength lies in  our ability to provide assistance based on our advisers’ experience.  Our advisers are good sounding boards where you can discuss and test your ideas and aspirations and be sure of positive advice with support in all areas of business operations.


This is a quick review of those areas we feel are important to grow your business but please explore the full expertise menu for a more comprehensive overview of what we can offer.



If you would like  more information on how Signa can help please call us on 01494 562738 or send us a message.

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