Sales Planning

Developing Sales Plans


The ability of a company to sell its products is fundamental to its’ long-term success. Despite that many businesses fail to develop a detailed, structured sales plan.


In essence a sales plan is the strategic and tactical route map for driving the commercial activity and achieving a company’s objectives. A successful sales plan details your sales volume targets and how much gross revenue that generates.


To develop an effective  sales plan you need to:


  • Clearly identify your market sectors and segments – which ones do you want to sell to, that you can sell to and are most likely to buy your product or service. The more effectively you can define and target your market the more effective your sales effort will be.
  • Analyse your target market – research and build your knowledge base and understand the potential market size of your target market sectors and segments where your products or services are most likely to be attractive to potential clients
  • Improve your market knowledge – understand the market dynamics, who the competition are and what they offer, what the key strategic business drivers are, what the anticipated market growth projections are, what legislation may be relevant and what processes clients will use to purchase
  • Evaluate the current situation – an objective analysis of the current business by product type, volume and generated turnover with an expanded analysis of the entire current customer base with particular attention to the largest customers
  • Evaluating potential business  - compare your company against each of its key competitors and identify the key potential customers that can be realistically targeted. Clearly define the organisational and product USP’s that the company offers and how they can be best used to attract new customers.   
  • Create clear sales strategies – to gain new customers, to retain and increase the revenues from existing customers, to raise the awareness of both the company as a brand and what it has to offer.
  • Constantly measure and improve – use the sales plan to drive the business forward. The best plan in the world is useless if it isn’t put into action and it needs regularly measurement of the variations of actual performance against plan expectations to improve performance


Our Capabilities


Signa advisors assist clients in the preparation and implementation of realistic sales plans specifically geared to an individual business and which identifies and delivers the sales requirement of the company. Our advisors provide a valuable, objective review process to constantly improve ongoing sales effectiveness.


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