R&D Tax Credits

Recognising and quantifying tax credits for R&D needs detailed knowledge of the HMRC guidelines and extensive experience of making successful claims.


Less than 0.25% of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) have made a claim for R&D Tax Credits according the the latest figures. 


Even those companies that have made a claim have often seriously underestimated their qualifying expenditure and hence have received far less than they were actually entitled to.


And businesses that are not making a profit currently can also claim as the tax credit is based on the value of your expenditure. 


Since changes to the legislation in 2012 a business now only has to invest in some form of R&D to qualify for tax relief. Unlike previously there is no longer a minimum expenditure needed.


For those that do the returns can be substantial - R&D tax credits can be claimed by almost any limited company that is investing in creating better products, services, devices, materials or processes.


As long as the work is not done on a sub-contract basis any company can be involved in R&D - it can include the design and manufacture of any new product in any sector from aerospace, automotive and machinery through to window locks and plastics mouldings.


Less obviously there is also scope for successful claims by service and service function companies who are also using technology to create new processes and systems. And all areas of enginering may have qualifying projects that are specifically meeting client requirements.


The creation of software and web-based applications may also qualify.


Examples of potential claims


  • A testing and calibration company developing a new airflow test device and a deep-clean process for heat exhangers
  • A manufacturer designing new winch applications
  • A software developement business creating an innovative development platform
  • n injection moulding companies developing tooling and manufacture processes to overcome complex moulding requirements
  • A company designing conveyor control systems
  • An electronics manufacturer winning new business internationally with improved design, material and manufacture processes
  • A brewing company developing new manufacture processes and products
  • A financial services company developing web-based sales and marketing software
  • A legal firm developing an award winning paperless conveyancing process


Our capabilities


We can help you check out whether you are entitled to make a claim, how much it is worth and then we will work in conjunction with your accountants to reclaim the money on your behalf.


We only charge a fee for successful claims so there is minimum risk and maximum gain for your business.



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