Internet Marketing

It's easy, right?

Get a website, put it on the internet, sit back and wait for the customers to flock to you to buy your product or service. 

Unfortunately, to paraphrase what Kevin Costner said in the film Field of Dreams, "if you build it , they will NOT come".

There a many hundred of millions of websites on the internet and a huge number of those belong to businesses. Most searches never get beyond the first page so unless your site is there it won't ever be seen.

And just like your real-life showcase even if it is seen, if the website isn't fresh and appealing, informative and user-friendly then they will simply go elsewhere.

The good news is that a well-designed, visible website is better than the greatest salesman could ever be - it is there 24/7, it never sleeps, it is always perfectly presented, and it always promotes a consistent message time after time

So what should you expect your website do?

  • it should be visible to searches
  • It should generate enquiries and new business
  • It should give detailed information about your products or services
  • it should improve your brand awareness

Crucially once a prospect is in your site it needs to be sufficiently interesting to keep them there as long as possible, moving beyond the home page deeper ito the site with the ultimate aim of either getting them to purchase, contact you for further information, download a brchure or sign up for a newsletter. Whatever the goal, the website must be able to funnel visitor to the information they need to either convert their visit into a lead or  sale.

E-Commerce solutions

The advent of e-commerce has presented companies with one of the single most significant opportunites to target new customers and increase sales without an attendant huge increase in its' cost base.

With an e-commerce website your business is still operating even when your offices are closed.  

An e-commerce solution allows you to:

Will e-commerce suit your operation?

It doesn't matter if you have a product catalogue running into the thousands or sell just one thing. It is possible to scale up your sales easily and minimise the back office costs by automatically calculating shipping costs,  generating invoices and taking payment and by using a dynamic catalogue you will know real-time stock levels and re-order points plus accurate sales tracking and reporting.

Social Media

What is social media and how can it help your marketing activity?

In simple terms it is activities that integrate technology and social intereaction. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have millions of users who are all talking to each other, spreading the new of what is good, what is bad and what is new like a wildfire.,   

Social media technologies have hit the business world like a stream train but most business owners completely misunderstand its significance and relevance. Many companies have chosen to either block their use, or are just tinkering around the edges.  Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn were originally intedned for personal use and little though was given as to how they might impact on the world of business. Additionally as it is such a young marketplace most business owners have little or no idea of the full capabilities that exist.

These social applications can be used to engage directly with their existing customers, develop new sales opportunities, improve and spread the reputation of your brand and carry out effective, free market research. 

Social media and social networking are extremely powerful tools for helping SME owners search for, and find, new customers. 

Our capabilities

Signa Business Advisers have access through the ibd network to e-commerce advisors have been producing unique websites for a  wide range of industries and markets for many years helping many business owners use their online marketing budget to best effect.

If you would like  more information on how Signa can help please call us on 01494 562738 or send us a message.

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