Exhibitions and Events



Exhibitions are a vital part of the marketing efforts of a company and as such provide an ideal focused opportunity to personally meet with a large volume of both existing and potential clients as well as suppliers and even competitor businesses.


Choosing the right exhibition to showcase existing or new products will mean that the target audience is likely to be clearly defined and highly relevant to your offering.


There are further opportunities to clearly enhance the profile of the organisation by being seen and in some cases guest-speaking or presenting seminars on subjects linked to the exhibition.


Corporate Events


Done well, the importance of staging a company event cannot be overstated. The purpose needs to clearly defined – to educate attendees, whether they be your management and staff, existing or potential clients, key suppliers or other stakeholders,  about your organisation and its products and services, and to motivate them in an enjoyable “away from the daily grind” environment.


Our capabilities


We have advisors with both exhibition and corporate event expertise in B2B, B2C and non-profit markets. 


If you would like  more information on how Signa can help please call us on 01494 562738 or send us a message.

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