Why advertise?


After all you know you are brilliant, your company is brilliant, your products are brilliant, everything is brilliant!


Except that there is a big wide world out there which doesn’t even know you exist let alone “how brilliant you are”. Unless you tell them they may never know.


How to advertise? Well the list is almost endless – TV, radio, cinema, printed material, website, telemarketing, networking, online, sales promotions and sponsorship to name but a few.


In reality most SMEs are unlikely to be able to afford the substantial costs involved in TV advertising but most of the other options are within the financial reach of most businesses in one form or another – although obviously not every option is necessarily right for your product or services.


Whatever the medium it is vital that the message is strong, clear and enticing enough to make your target want to take action.


In a downturn one of the first things to be cut is often advertising but it has been clearly demonstrated that those companies who continue to advertise regardless of the economic situation will have a clear competitive advantage over those that don’t.


Remember the 3 Rs:


  • Recruit new customers
  • Retain customer loyalty
  • Reduce lost customers

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