The term “marketing” covers all the activities that your business carries out to ensure that your existing and potential customers get to know about your services and products.


Whether your business is a one-man band or a large national or multi-national organisation the challenges are the same – they only differ in the scale of the challenge.


For all businesses it is vital that you have a marketing strategy and a plan to follow.


Inbound Marketing includes :


  • Competitor analysis – get to know all about your competition
  • Target Market – who are the potential customers who will have a need for your offering?
  • Pricing Analysis – what price can you realistically achieve for your products or service?
  • USP – what is it that differentiates your product from others?
  • Branding – how to make it recognisable and stand out from the crowd


Outbound Marketing includes:


  • Advertising and promotions – telling the world about your products and services
  • PR – telling the world about your business
  • Customer service – looking after your clients’ needs
  • Customer Satisfaction – making sure you keep your clients


All too often organisations rush headlong into outbound marketing without considering the inbound process first. All that achieves is that they spend their time pointlessly trying to foist something onto someone who doesn’t want or need it.


Being effective with your inbound marketing tasks will result in much more effective, easier marketing and sales.


What can I expect from effective marketing?


  • stand out from the competition
  • new business leads
  • customers and potential customers remember you more easily
  • a reputation as and expert in your chosen marketplace
  • more customer-oriented focus on retaining the clients you already have

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