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In most businesses lots of information is now held electronically – accounts records, personnel records, sales and marketing information, customer lists, product specifications and drawings and the ubiquitous  e-mail records and it is fair to say that the loss or corruption of this data would be immensely damaging, and in extreme cases fatal, to your business.


Amazingly, many companies treat the security of their data as less important than the small amount of petty cash they keep in a locked tin. Of course, the loss of a petty cash tin would soon be noticed but how quickly would you realise if your entire customer list was copied or your manufacturing software was corrupted. Ensuring that you have an effective process for protecting your data is vital.


Information security management involves putting in place the measures necessary to eliminate or minimise the impact that security threats could have on your company.


How can Signa help?


  • Identify the IT risks are identified and implement measures to reduce their impact
  • Ensure the confidentiality of personal data and legal compliance
  • Create a competitive compliance advantage when tendering for Public Sector contracts
  • Promote a professional image to partners, customers and suppliers
  • Establish safeguard controls to prevent unauthorised access, removal or corruption  to confidential information and valuable customer data.
  • Set up offsite backup routines to ensure that data is secure and retrievable in the event of any business interruption  
  • Ensure compliance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act. Data breaches, whether intentional or accidental, can lead to criminal prosecution and substantial fines for the directors.


Our Capabilities


It is often tempting to put off taking action until the need is urgent, but being aware of and planning for the possible risks can ultimately save a business from possible failure.


Through its association with over 200 specialists in the IBD network Signa have unrivalled access to a number of specialists who can design, install and maintain practical procedures and systems. These will be tailored to your protection and can provide a route towards gaining a UKAS approved accreditation to the formal ISO/IEC 27001 standard.


If you would like  more information on how Signa can help please call us on 01494 562738 or send us a message.

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