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ICT (Information & Communications Technology) networks are now more commercially focused and the challenge of minimising system downtime has become vital for businesses in order to remain operational.  


ICT tools and techniques have been incorporated into every aspect of business operation to such an extent that any downtime can harm business efficiency and productivity dramatically.


Signa can help you plan IT support services to keep your IT network running smoothly.


The main objective of successful IT support is to ensure that any disruptions to the business originating from anywhere within the IT infrastructure are minimised, and appropriate support services are available to provide prompt, reliable, effective resolutions fully compatible with your business needs.


This support can be provided internally by IT support staff or externally by outsourced specialist suppliers, the benefits of having a strong Business IT Support function will have a positive impact on all areas of the business.


The visible benefits to the business are:


  • A secure working environment with the least level of business disruption
  • Improved user experience resulting in improved productivity
  • Confidence in making commitments i.e. timelines can be met
  • Maintain a professional reputation with prospects, clients and suppliers
  • Competitive advantage over companies with less robust systems
  • Integration of new technologies as required
  • Stability to consider plans for future expansion or diversification

It is important to ensure you engage an IT service provider to fit your financial needs as well as your current and future IT requirements.


Before making this decision,  it is also important to understand the current infrastructure, identify the applications and processes that users depend on, establish potential areas of risk and then define what the business really needs in terms of ongoing support.


Some points for consideration are:

  • Ensure the level of experience of the IT support function is competent for your requirements.  Do not threaten your data by engaging amateurs
  • Ensure a guaranteed  immediate response time and be aware of their minimum time response and that they will guarantee it
  • Confirm the scope of their pricing. Certify transparency, with no hidden additional costs
  • Ensure the IT support service you choose has solid backup and recovery plan
  • Verify that the service you have selected can cover all issues and are not limited by experience or staff to one area only
  • Make sure you can establish a good working relationship with staff at all levels but have one go-to-person as your main contact

Engaging Support


At Signa we can offer advisers with expertise in all areas of Business IT Support. The advantage of enlisting a business adviser is to have an impartial view of your organisation’s strengths and weaknesses with the ability to call on their business experience to provide focused and objective advice. 


Business operations
An experienced advisor will identify the critical functions in your business to ensure that planned support solutions are practical and proportional to any risks


Guidance on the most effective IT infrastructure and skills needed to support the business  


Advice on identifying the most appropriate and effective software solutions and support to streamline business processes


Advice on selecting the best value proposition


General Advice
Business Advisers are always good sounding boards for a business owner to test ideas and  they are a source of highly experienced contacts in all aspects of business


If you would like  more information on how Signa can help please call us on 01494 562738 or send us a message.

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