For UK companies there are great opportunities to participate in international markets.  Whether it is on the macro-economic level – involved in developing the infrastructure of a developing economy - or just getting your products and services into another country.


Whilst the potential is greatly expanded by moving into international markets there are many pitfalls for the unwary and it needs very careful thought and preparation. Specialist advice should be taken early to ensure that you are giving your company the maximum possible chance of success.  You can look at some of the Government initiatives to give you guidance in the early stages when you are looking at potential opportunities but to succeed in a new market it is vital that you use experienced guidance by people who have a track record of helping companies previously.


Through its’ networks of partners in the ibd network, Signa can offer the expertise needed to successfully launch your venture at a fraction of the cost that you would normally expect to pay to a large City consultancy firm – including advice on the potential market strategic development on taking products or services to market and offering continuing support to continue your growth in your target marketplace.


Signa is here to support you in:


  • Investigating and Identifying potential new markets for your products or services
  • Developing the business plan to export into these markets
  • Developing an ongoing strategy for international development
  • Finding trusted local distributors and agents in your target markets
  • Understanding both the opportunities and the risks of entering international markets


If you would like  more information on how Signa can help please call us on 01494 562738 or send us a message.

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