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Most small and medium sized businesses do not have the resources to run a dedicated full-timje training department.  Often training and development only comes into the picture when it is already a critical requirement and cannot be ignored any longer.


But there is a strong case for training and developing your staff. Properly trained and motiveted staff are more liely to remain with you and a reduced leads to a very real reduction in ongoing recruitment costs.  Companies that are seen to have training programmes will attract quality staff who view the opportunity to improve themselves as a key driver in decidding if they want to work for your organisation.


The most important factor that comes out of training your staff is the improvement in business performance and the initial time and money invested in training will be repaid many times over.


Things to consider when devising a training and development plan:


  • The training must be focused and appropriate.  It is vital that this is considered first so that the company and the employee both benefit.


  • It is important to look at your organisation and decide what would benefit the employees most and then talk to a specialist in the training and development field. 


  • At Signa we can offer solutions which will allow your employees to grow, not just by addressing skills gaps but by developing skill sets that they can employ in any position and which ultimately makes them a more valuable commodity to you as an employee.


  • Training should be considered an opportunity for staff not as an interruption which takes them away from their job. 



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