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Employment law is in a constant state of flux with new laws being constantly introduced by the EU and an amended form passed by our Government. 

Originally introduced to protect workers from unscrupulous, corrupt and dishonest employers, employment law has grown to encompass most areas of employment and includes:

  • Minimum wage, maternity and paternity rights, working hours, contracts etc.
  • Wrongful or unfair dismissals
  • Redundancy
  • The rights of employees if the company they work for is taken over by another business (TUPE)
  • Any form of discrimination


How does a company comply with employment law?


Discrimination is probably the most important because it starts from the process of recruitment all the way through to an employee leaving the company.

To treat employees equitably and also to protect your company you must comply with legal requirements, some of which are included below:

  • Your new employee should be given a contract of their terms and conditions of employment preferably on their first day but no later than eight weeks after starting employment
  • Treat your employees with respect and give them amenable and fair working conditions
  • hat employees receive paid holidays and that their working hours dop not exceed the legal limit
  • Ensure their salary is paid on time and at the agreed rate
  • If employees have a grievance then act upon it
  • If disciplinary action is required the guidelines are followed
  • Use ACAS recommended dismissal procedures if there is need to dismiss an employee

Keep written records for employees including their hours worked, attendance record, disciplinary actions which may lead to legal action against the company. 


 Employment Tribunals


If an employee feels unfairly treated he may take his claim to a tribunal without (currently) any cost to himself.  An Employee Tribunal is an independent body set up to arbitrate on disagreements between an employee and employer. There were nearly a quarter of a million claims last year so the risks to your business are very real.


Our capabilities


It can be very expensive for you and your company if you get recruitment and employment matters wrong. 

Through its' close involvement with the extensive IBD network of over 200 specialists, Signa has access to qualified advisers who are members of the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development) who can assist you in ensuring your employment and recruitment procedures meet your statutory legal requirements and enhance your reputation as an employer.


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