Change Management

There are many times when change is necessary in a business:


  • A new strategic direction to suit changing business requirements or owners
  • A change to your operational market caused by less buoyant economic factors with consumers reducing discretionary spending
  • Alterations to internal processes being necessary to comply with increasing regulation quality standards in your particular business sector
  • Helping staff to alter ingrained attitudes and adapt to changes brought about by new systems or processes


Change Management can often leave business owners feeling uncomfortable. In reality it is generally a straightforward process but it can often seem very complicated to the uninitiated. Signa can provide advisers with extensive experience to guide you through changes in projects, people and internal processes.


Many entrepreneurial business owners and senior managers have very different skills to the ones needed to change the structure of a company and often have neither the time or expertise to make the changes successful. To be able to make changes that will be sustainable needs tenacity and experience and the whole-hearted commitment of the business owner.


Typically, change management will need several stages including:


  • Forming a team with a good synergy to lead the change and gain their commitment


  • Creating an immediate sense of urgency and importance for the change process. Seek assistance, identify and analyse the possible opportunities & threats, develop plans and options and initiate discussion


  • Define a clear vision and avoid confusion and mixed messages.  Make sure that the team are totally familiar with the vision and will be able convey that clearly and succinctly to others
  • Announce the changes and spread the message consistently. Proactively drive the changes throughout the organisation
  • Remove obstacles as they occur. Remember that in general people will be apprehensive about change and see it as threat unless they are persuaded of the benefits. Think carefully about how to bring them on board. Identify those who support change, support those who take the lead in pushing the changes along and be firm but fair. Change the processes, organisation structure and when necessary the people.
  • Look for the short-term wins. Early successes help people to recognise the benefits and makes further progress easier to achieve. In the initial stages it is better to have regular small successes so that people get used to things changing successfully and lead up to the bigger projects later.     
  • Review the changes. Analyse after implementation and consolidate the things that went well; reassess what was less successful and try again.
  • Consolidate change:  Implement a culture of continuous improvement so that staff are always encouraged to think about new ways to become more efficient in what they do


Signa business advisers understand that systemic change is only sustainable if the business owner is wholeheartedly supported during the change process. Change is never easy and needs continual focus, honesty and drive. But the benefits of successful change make the effort worthwhile.


Our capabilities


At Signa we have numerous advisors with expertise in change management in sectors as diverse as construction, manufacturing, healthcare, utilities and FMCG. With access to over 200 specialist advisers we can pool talents when a client might require a breadth of business support.


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