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Signa Business Advisers help small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) to improve both their performance and profitability.


Historically, getting specialist advice has been very expensive with the typical charges for engaging a “management consultant” being as much as £3,000 per day - way outside the financial capabilities of SME owners. And once engaged, often all that business owners actually end up with is a massive report which just sits on a shelf gathering dust when what was really wanted were concise, clear and effective solutions that would actually achieve what they needed.


Signa clients can get business advice and guidance on every aspect of running a business at a fraction of the cost of conventional consultancy.  Signa works with over 200 specialist advisers across the UK who have all been business owners or directors themselves and really understand the challenges that business owners face every day,


Signa advisers work ‘hands on’ with management teams to identify the critical issues facing your business, identify new opportunities and implement practical solutions. Signa advisers come from a wide variety of business backgrounds - from smaller companies to multi-nationals - but all have board level experience in the UK.


Our advisers will provide an pre-agreed amount of hands-on consultancy at your premises or off-site as required. Typically this can include assistance as diverse as representing directors at meetings with banks or clients, assisting the creation of effective sales and marketing to increase revenues, reducing costs, cutting out waste and improving profitability, obtaining access to grants and other funding, guiding you through the pitfalls of Health & Safety and HR matters or any other guidance to help your business improve and prosper.


Most importantly:


Signa Business Advisers do not produce lengthy, jargon-riddled reports that no one ever bothers to read; we just concentrate on delivering fast, cost-effective and efficient results.


If you would like  more information on how Signa can help please call us on 01494 562738 or send us a message.

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